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PCB Design : Schematics, Layout, BOM
(design "from scratch" or board evolution)


eSIL unit : HVIL Evaluation Source Block
(the source of the HVIL line for HV-EV applicattions)

Main features

  • Designed following intrinsic safety rules
  • For High Voltage application up to 650V
  • Local or Remote activation
  • Unidirectional Interlock System
  • Protection against HV Faults
  • Protection against Short-circuit to Ground

  • Communication CAN bus 2.0B
  • Dimensions 137x80x55mm, Weight 400g

  • Applications

  • Electrical vehicles (car, truck, bus)
  • Inverter, Converter, Battery, HV networks

  • HVIL Block eSIL
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    eCNV unit : Power DCDC converter from 1kW to 50kW
    (the more compact DCDC for your HV applications)

    Main features

  • Bidirectional Buck/Boost
  • Low/High side voltage 24Vup to 700V
  • Ultra high efficiency (>99%)
  • Full dimension : 315x170x130mm
  • Weight less than 7kgrs
  • Very compact and high density (15kW/l)

  • Galvanic isolation HV/Service
  • Safety Management with HVIL
  • Integrated Active/passive discharge
  • Form factor for better integration
  • Using liquid cooling (optional)
  • Messagerie thru CAN bus 2.0B
  • Complete diagnostic parameters

  • Designed wrt insulation IEC 60664-1
  • Designed wrt EMC/EMI ECE R10
  • Designed wrt Ingress protection IP67
  • Designed wrt ECE R100

  • Applications

  • Electric vehicles (car, truck, bus)
  • Fuel Cell, Solar panel, Marine
  • Chargers, Power stations
  • HV smart grids, Battery

  • DCDC converter eCNV
    DCDC converter eCNV
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