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How our expertise serves our development ?

For Deewex™, expertise is a mix between several key skills. First of all, it is a high-level know-how in a specific discipline giving ability to realize innovative and complex systems in the management of the energies. We are open to listen skills, assertiveness, an ability to get on board, to convince, to justify a position, a desire to learn, share and transmit, an open mind. This know-how of the deewex experts takes the form of skills that make easy to help our customers.

Our experts are also dedicated to work on new project and upgrade of our actual products. They can make robustness technical proposal in accordance with your needs.

At Deewex™, we prefer integrate the engineering of strategic performance and anticipation into our know-how. You are therefore guaranteed for the future to be truly listened to and followed for a perfect support of your needs and you benefit for all our products from a direct relationship and privileged with a single contact.

Deewex™ has a big experience in innovative and critical energy systems. After many years of development activities of very complex devices, we are expert in:
     - Rechargeable Battery (mainly Li-ion) from small size to middle size integrating customized management systems.
     - HV Power electronics giving high density conversion for non-isolated DCDC converters for mobility and stationary systems.
     - HV and LV Electronics CAD by upgrading boards with new functionalities as per your specification.
     - Safety embedded systems by giving product data for your safety study such as Tree fault, FMEA, MTBF and MTTF.
     - Alternative to battery with long discharge power source and module

Our development is processed according to main quality standards to insure good functionalities and reliabilities of our products.

When receive a new set of requirements and if the specification is validated with the customer, we start to design as soon as possible the needed parts of the products:
     - Hardware : CAD design with a set of qualified technology of components (in some case with multiple patterns) according to our internal rules of art,
     - Software : Programming of drivers, middlewares and applications following main principles as specified by Misra rules,
     - Mechanical: 3D CAD design using our set of components and with the support of our 3D printer fort small parts.

After the design step, we launch the proof reading on new functions or upgraded parts. When proof reading is made, our team work on the following work packages:
     - Hardware : tests with benches and test monitors, HV and LV validation tests with real environment conditions,
     - Software :
     - Mechanical : validation by 3D printed parts, realiation of needed tools such as injection molding, stamping tools or CNC machining parameters.

If any, after the proof reading and real condition tests, traceability matrixes at high level can be done to give proof of conformity to customer requirements.

All documents related to the product definition are realized such as drawings and plan in 2D or 3D files, Bill of materials with open sources and second sources, Specific report and instructions for manufacturing and validation tests.

Knowing that for all manufacturing, we intend to propose low cost components with low cost processes. With the multi-patterns design strategy, this make the purchasing of our products less impacted by cost and delay variations.

You are also on the right company with the right people. Take also advantage of our tutorials online read our in-depth knowledge on the most varied subjects. We can propose concrete solutions to your systems. Deewex™ regularly introduces new features and constant evolutions in its products.

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